A minimalist Material Design inspired icon pack for Android

Ameixa is a material design inspired theme that aims to provide a consistent and minimalistic look to your FOSS-based device. It supports almost all launchers: Trebuchet, Kiss Launcher, OpenLauncher, Poseidon, ... basically any launcher that supports icon packs.

Ameixa is free software - free as in freedom. It respects completely your privacy. It's licensed under GNU GPL v3.


You can choose between two flavors:

Screenshot of Ameixa icons on OpenLauncher
Screenshot of Ameixa Monochrome icons on OpenLauncher


If an icon for your app is missing, the easier way for request it is using Turtl app in order to find the package name of the app. After, you can open an issue with these data. Check details on GitLab.

If you want to, you can draw by yourself the icon, and open a merge request. Again, detailed instructions are on GitLab.

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